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Evening Dinner Menu – Starters

If you wish to order a takeaway, please deduct 15% from your the listed price.

Cup of Chowder, Mini Goats Cheese Logs, Breaded Garlic Mushrooms
  • €12.00 - €18.00
    Sharing Plate

    for two - €12.00 for three - €18.00 ask your server for tonight’s selection

  • €7.50
    Salt & Chilli dusted Squid

    lemon & garlic mayonnise

  • €7.50
    Warm Lentil & Bacon Salad

    soft poached egg, burst tomato and garden greens

  • €8.50
    1/2 Rack of Pork Ribs

    sticky glaze & dipping sauce

  • €7.50
    Eastern Chicken

    Tender chicken pieces with our unique spices, sweet & cool mango dip

  • €6.95
    Breaded Garlic Mushrooms

    freshly breaded mushrooms & garlic mayonnaise

  • €7.50
    Vegetable Spring Rolls

    homemade wraps with delicious dipping sauce

  • €7.95
    Steamed local mussels

    seasonal with wine cream & garlic - so good! also available as a main course 13.95

  • €9.95
    Mini Seafood Platter

    with marinated mackeral, espresso of chowder, salt and chilli squid

  • €7.95
    Cup of Chowder

    homemade chowder with wheaten bread

  • €7.75
    Mini Goats Cheese Logs

    wrapped in cured ham with dressed, garden leaves and balsamic reduction

  • €5.50
    Melon and Fruit Plate

    with seasonal fruit drizzle, with a cold melon soup

  • €5.95
    Soup of the Day

    served with freshly baked bread (please ask for soup of the day)

Melon and Fruit Plate, Eastern Chicken, Breaded Garlic Mushrooms

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