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Evening Dinner Menu – Sides & Salads

If you wish to order a takeaway, please deduct 15% from your the listed price.

Salads & Vegetarian

YP36 Herb Garden Marinated Chicken, Mushroom Burger, Lentil & Sweet Potato Curry
  • 13.95
    Lentil & Sweet Potato Curry

    Best served with basmati rice

  • €12.50
    Warm Salad of Sweet Potatoes with Roasted Peppers

    tossed with chickpeas and toasted almonds house dressings Add chicken €4.00

  • €13.95
    Mushroom Burger

    portobello mushroom with cheese lettuce tomato red onions melting cheese & gerkins

  • €13.95
    Ragout Garabonza

    vegetables and chickpeas sautéed with cream and homemade pesto topped with goats cheese and garlic bread (no side order with this)

  • €13.95
    YP36 Herb Garden Marinated Chicken

    with our organic leaves and dressings served with garlic potatoes

Warm Salad of Sweet Potatoes with Roasted Peppers, Ragout Garabonza, Lentil & Sweet Potato Curry