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Evening Dinner Menu – Main Courses

If you wish to order a takeaway, please deduct 15% from your the listed price.

Chicken & Duck

Chicken Satay, Cajun Chicken, Chicken and Goats Cheese
  • €16.95
    Chicken & Chorizo pasta

    chicken, chorizo homemade tomato sauce  fresh parmasen

  • €16.50
    Chicken Satay

    Served with our homemade satay sauce & sweet potatoes

  • €19.95
    Half Roast Duck

    silverhill duck, honey glaze, with stir-fry garden greens & roasted potatoes

  • €14.95
    YP36 Herb Garden Marinated Chicken

    with our delicious garden leaves and dressings served with garlic potatoes

  • €12.80 - €16.50
    Succulent Chicken

    • garlic chicken - €13.50 • maryland chicken - €16.50 freshly bread chicken baked with garlic (can be ordered plain ) or Maryland with bacon pineapple and banana fritter

  • €16.50
    Indian spiced Chicken

    yoghurt marinated whole chicken pieces on the bone mangk & yoghurt dipping sauce ing, best served with rice.

  • €16.50
    Cajun Chicken

    chicken breast marinated in cajun spices with saute vegetables

  • €16.50
    Chicken and Goats Cheese

    tender fillet of chicken balsamic glaze oven baked with roasted peppers and five mile town, goats cheese wrapped in smoked ham

Chicken and Goats Cheese, Cajun Chicken, Chicken Satay