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Evening Dinner Menu – Main Courses

If you wish to order a takeaway, please deduct 15% from your the listed price.


Greencastle ‘Chip Shop Style’ Fish & Chip, Donegal Seafood Platter, Donegal Pasta
  • €18.95
    Gang Garee Prawn ( Yellow Curry)

    Atlantic Prawn yellow coconut curry basmati rice poppadom

  • €20.95
    Donegal Seafood Platter

    Bowl of local mussels, mackerel, salt & chilli squid, salmon skewer with a cup of our chowder (can vary)

  • €15.95
    Salmon Skewers

    Oriental style , stir-fried, garden greens, chilli & soya

  • €18.50
    Spanish Style Cod

    grilled cod paprika potatoes roasted red and yellow peppers

  • €14.95
    Donegal Pasta

    local mussels with spring onion, crispy squid & tomato

  • €18.95
    Monkfish Choka

    with roasted garlic tomatoes peppers and smoked paprika

  • €16.95
    Simply Grilled Cod

    Roasted cherry tomatoes, a mini seafood & potato pie

  • €13.75
    Greencastle ‘Chip Shop Style’ Fish & Chip

    with dressed green salad, tartare

  • €18.95
    Poached Salmon

    salmon fillet, coconut and lime cream, prawns and cherry tomatoes

Monkfish Choka, Donegal Pasta, Donegal Seafood Platter