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Dinner Menu (text)


soup of the day     5.95

please ask

served with our freshly baked bread


melon and fruit plate   5.50

with seasonal fruit drizzle with fresh fruit salad



mini goats cheese logs   8.50

Fivemiletown goats cheese wrapped in cured ham, garden leaves and balsamic reduction



cup of chowder   7.95

homemade chowder with wheaten bread



mini seafood platter  9.95

Fivemiletown goats cheese wrapped in cured ham, garden leaves and balsamic reduction



steamed local mussels

Starter – 7.95

Mains – 12.00

seasonal with wine, cream & garlic

– so good!



spring rolls 7.95

crispy vegetable spring rolls with soy and chilli dipping sauce



breaded garlic mushrooms  6.95

freshly breaded mushrooms & garlic dipping sauce



eastern chicken  7.50

tender chicken pieces with our unique spices, sweet & cool mango dip



1/2 rack of pork ribs   9.95

sticky glaze & dipping sauce



warm lentil & bacon salad  7.50

soft poached egg burst tomato,

garden greens



salt & chilli dusted squid  7.95

lemon & garlic dip, cucumber




mini pizza – flat bread

1  –   8.00      2  – 13.00   Good to share

Choose from bacon with pineapple, red onion & cheese


goats cheese, roasted peppers,

red onion jam, balsalmic & cheese


NEW spicy beef, yoghurt, fresh mint

& coriander


Tonights Sharing plate

for two      12.00

for three  18.00

ask your server for tonight’s selection




from our in-house aging larder

Dry Aged Sirloin  .  Dry Aged Fillet

See our blackboard for todays’ special dry aged cut


8oz dry aged rib eye steak  20.95

prime aged rib eye,  crispy onions



10oz sirloin steak  22.95

irish sirloin, crispy onions,

choice of sauce


10oz sirloin jalfrezzi  23.95

blackened in hot spices and vegetables


minute steak  16.95

with crispy onions,



medallions of beef  19.95

tender medallions of sirloin with

crispy onions and a choice of

  • portabello mushroom
  • mashed potatoes


Choose your sauce:

**pepper sauce, garlic butter,

Roast red onion butter, gravy, satay sauce or red wine jus.


homemade irish sirloin beefburgers  14.00

served in a gallaghers bakery floury bap with tomato, lettuce & gherkin

  • melted cheese and onions
  • hawaiian
  • bbq cheese & bacon
  • peppered with fried onion
  • YP36 burger with spices & cajun


  • goats cheese, red onion jam


creamy beef stroganoff  18.50

saute sirloin pieces cooked in a brandy cream with paprika and gherkins



pork belly  16.95

curly kale & garden green mash, roast juice, red onion jam



Donegal lamb

local Lamb ask for tonight’s choice



beef lasagne, Italian style  14.00

italian lasagne, we have borrowed the best Italian recipe



donegal seafood platter  20.50

bowl local mussels, mackerel, salt & chilli squid, salmon skewer with a cup of our chowder (can vary)



poached salmon  18.95

salmon, coconut and lime cream,

prawns and cherry tomatoes best

with basmati rice


greencastle ‘chip shop style’ fish & chip  13.75

with dressed green salad, tartare sauce



simply grilled fresh cod, 16.95

chickpeas and horseradish crust

with a mini seafood pie€

  • Can be ordered plain


salmon skewers  16.50

vegetable style stir-fry with garden greens chilli & soy



spanish style cod   16.95

oven baked cod, roasted red and yellow peppers burst tomatoes & rapseed oil – basil drizzle



monkfish chokA 16.95

marinated monk, choka tomato and bell pepper sauce spring onion and garlic


Donegal pasta 14.95

local mussels with spring onion, crispy squid & tomato


prawn pasta  16.95

Atlantic prawn chilli & garlic Donegal rapeseed oil roasted tomatoes


**see blackboard for tonights specials



chicken and goats cheese  16.50

tender fillet of chicken balsamic glaze oven baked with roasted peppers & fivemiletown goats cheese wrapped in smoked ham


chicken satay  16.50

served with our homemade satay sauce & rice timbalade



– garlic chicken  14.00

breaded breast oven baked with garlic served with creamy mash potato

(can be ordered plain)


– maryland style  16.50

breaded breast of chicken, smoked bacon, grilled pineapple & banana fritter


YP36 herb garden marinated chicken 14.95

with our delicious garden leaves & dressings served with garlic potatoes



cajun chicken 16.50

chicken breast marinated in cajun spices with saute vegetables


plaisir Chicken 16.50

oven roasted chicken homemade chicken & nut boudin (sausage) creamed leeks, red currant jus



half roast duck  19.95

Silverhill duck long roasted, aromatic taste served with stir-fry garden greens & roasted potatoes




lentil & sweet potato curry 14.00

best served with basmati rice


ragout garabonza 13.95

vegetables and chickpeas sautéed with cream and homemade pesto topped with goats cheese and garlic bread


mushroom burger  14.00

portobello mushroom, chickpea crust, red onions jam, melting cheese & gherkins



chips  3.50

sweet potatoes  3.75

garlic potatoes 3.50

potato of the evening 3.50

sauté mushrooms 3.95

kitchen vegetables  3.95

tobacco onions  3.00

stir-fry vegetables  3.95

tossed garden salad 3.50

basmati rice 3.50

stir fry noodles  3.50

chilli & garlic chips 3.75

lentils 3.50