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Tonights Specials

Tonight’s Specials


Tempura of Atlantic Prawns, garden leaves salad, duo of dips.  starter €10.00

                                                                                                                     main €18.00

Buffalo Mozzarella, roast pepper and tomato chutney, garden leaves €12.00

Pan seared Scallops, white onion purée, red wine jus, parma ham crisp €12.00



Lamb Platter. Lamb rack, lamb rump, mini lamb pie, lambs liver, champ mash, red current jus.  €30.00


Grilled Fillet of Seabass, sauteed selection of garden peas, carrot puree, garden leaves baby €22.95

Yellow Pepper Lobster Platter, salmon skewer, mackerel, cup of chowder, calamari rings, half Lobster. €30.00

Your table is reserved for 105mins


We sanitise tables, chairs, salt & pepper, menus after each use


Kincasslagh Crab Linguini, cherry tomatoes, roasted peppers, chili, fennel cream, garden leaves €19.95


Grilled Fillet of Hake, garden beetroot risotto, basil pesto, garden leaves €22.95